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A little history about Woodstock, Ontario.

Woodstock is a small city located in Southwestern Ontario. The population has grown exponentially over the years and had over 40,000 residents living there according to the 2016 Canadian census. Woodstock is the seat of Oxford County, approximately 130 kilometers form Toronto, and 40 kilometers from London, Ontario.

Woodstock, Ontario, was incorporated as a city in 1901. It was way back in 1793 when John Graves Simcoe was so amazed with the area’s high topography, he assigned the area as a potential townsite.

John Graves Simcoe had been an officer in the British army during the American Revolutionary War. He is best remembered by Canadians as the first lieutenant-governor of the then British colony of Upper Canada. The colony would later become Ontario. John Simcoe would name the city of London, Ontario, and gave name to the River Thames.

Later, Simcoe was captured during an ambush at a Continental Army safe house. A man by the name of Abraham Woodhull had instructed Caleb Brewster, a member of the Culper spy ring, to assassinate Simcoe. That never happened as Simcoe was released a short while later in a prisoner exchange program and returned to Setauket.

The city of Woodstock is a great place to settle down in. It is known for its family-friendly neighbourhoods, great school districts, and a safe place to live

Why us?

At Local SEO Web Services, we are committed to being the best Internet marketing agency in Woodstock, Ontario. We offer a wide range of online marketing services. Our team of developers are seasoned professionals with decades of experience under their belts. We help companies get more clients and increase their business bottom line.

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What we do!

We design websites in Woodstock, Ontario that are Search Engine Optimized so your potential client’s can always find you when they search for products or services relating to your business on Google. Our professional website design service in Woodstock is second to none.

Our Social Media Management services in Woodstock is undoubtedly one of the fastest ways of rising up the ranks in Google search. Social media management increases your brand awareness by providing a constant stream of relevant content with our professionally written posts. We utilize text posts, picture posts, and video posts to guarantee your social media management in Woodstock will generate a buzz among your best clients.

We can also provide you with a service to design all your social media setup in Woodstock. This way your social media setup, designed by our team of professionals, will have your business shining online.

You might be wondering how we achieve this. At Local SEO Web Services, we consider the clients we work with as partners. Together we will speak the language of your business by creating custom content that will resonate to an ideal audience. This ensures that our success is your success.

Every month you will receive reports regarding friends, likes and followers, and show you the links that are helping your Internet marketing flourish. We always use industry-relevant hashtags to ensure we optimize the traffic we are sending to your website links.

Local SEO Web Services specializes in Reputation Management in Woodstock. Reputation management refers to the influencing and controlling of an individual’s or group’s reputation. You will never wonder again what is being said about your business online. With Reputation Management you will know exactly what your competitors are up to. The huge growth of all types of social media has made Google search results a fundamental part of your reputation and success.

Positive reviews will push more prospective clients to your business. You now can turn your disgruntled clients into raving followers. By using our Reputation Management Software you’ll be able to detect troubles online swiftly, before they get a chance at hurting your reputation.

Another great feature built into Reputation Management is that you will be able to view and respond to online reviews right from your dashboard. The most powerful thing about our Reputation Management is the ability to make certain all your business listings are accurate online as widely as possible.

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