PinPoint Solo

Who needs this product?

Any business that:

  • Needs a lower cost alternative to Pinpoint Local’s more wide-ranging services
  • New businesses that need a “starter” solution and are not quite ready for more comprehensive products.
  • Needs a simple DIY marketing platform that gives a good value solution that is easy to use and results-oriented.

Why this product is important for your business:

  • Provides marketing that matters for small businesses.
  • We make sure customers searching for your products and services are able to find you and that they know your business is trusted.
  • We also make it easy for you to stay in touch with your customers and help to promote your brand.
  • Have updated contact details helps to make sure potential customers can contact your business.

What this includes:

PinPoint Solo’s tools focus on four major areas:

  • Ranking higher in search engine search results
  • Online review management
  • Easy customer communications, and Social media management

How We’ll Achieve this

Basic Search Engine Optimization:

  • Recommendations to improve website
  • Monthly off-site content to improve search rankings
  • Povide Citations, lists/directories, q&a posts, social bookmarks, classified ads, blog posts, website articles, images
  • Monthly Reporting in your dashboard, including how the website is ranking over time

Reviews Management

  • Automation of requests of review (Yelp, Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor
  • Routing: technology that looks at the business’ online listing platforms, identifies where least amount of positive reviews exist and then automatically sends a request that includes a link to that particular platform.
  • Gated Reviews to decrease chances of negative reviews being posted
  • Reporting: Shows number of reviews and average rating

Simple CRM

  • A simple tool to manage your social media quickly and easily
  • Can connect to Facebook and Twitter (LinkedIn and Instagram soon)
  • Helps you find content to share

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